Charlotte Diana

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When I was Angry with God

Have you ever been angry with God because of an illness, a physical disability, poverty, or family problems? I have. Several years ago, I felt some pain in my back, but didn’t think of going to see a doctor.

A Tribute to My Mother

My mother is one of the most amazing women I know. After my father died in 2011, she remained strong for the sake of her three children, making and selling Indonesian desserts known as “Lapet” and “Es Buah” to support us.

A Letter From My Father

On one of my free days, I decided to clear some of the drawers in my room. As I was sorting through some old letters in one of my drawers, I stumbled on a letter I had not seen in a long while and had clean forgotten about.

How I Discovered My Spiritual Gift

“Do you have a spiritual goal in your life?” the guest speaker asked us during a youth ministry meeting one Saturday evening. He then explained that if we were born just to grow up, study, get married, have children, become old, and finally die, this meant that we would be living only to meet death.

God Amid Daily Challenges In My Life

After Papa died, we tried to get back to our normal routines. I was about to embark on my thesis in the field of clinical pharmacy, but faced my first roadblock—I didn’t have enough money to fund the thesis, and I didn’t want to ask my sister for money.