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Monsters inc

Spot These Toxic Traits and Get Rid of Them!

Our toxic traits are not visible to the naked eye, or something that’s easily identifiable, but sits lurking beneath our pleasant exterior. It’s now time to pick up the sword of Truth as we slay this beast.
graphic image of flowers

Mum And I: Pretty As A Posy

What do mums and flowers have in common? They brighten up our day, have the power to turn our frowns upside down, and they come in a variety of personalities and temperance. There’s the sunny, outgoing mum, the one who adores romance, and the one who exudes timeless beauty. 

ODJ: Unbreakable

Ulfberht. No, that’s not a typo. It’s the name for a special type of Viking sword that far exceeded the quality of any other European sword of its era. Where other swords would shatter, Ulfberhts were able to bend and still keep their edge. This was a huge advantage on the field of battle, where fighters’ lives depended on the quality of their blades. Modern-day research

ODJ: the tale of three men

Once there were three men who served in the same community—Gaius, Diotrephes and Demetrius. 

Gaius was “Mr. Nice Guy”. But that doesn’t mean he was a pushover, as some movies portray nice guys. He rightly discerned who needed help and faithfully cared for those who served God—even if they were strangers (3 John 1:5). He was a man of integrity (v.3), but that wasn’t his be

ODJ: the three Cs

I recently heard a speaker who had engaged in an immoral lifestyle in his younger years, but later received Jesus as his Saviour. He now oversees a thriving ministry. In his talk he described “three Cs” that should comprise intimate relationships.

He said many people rush to the first two Cs: Chemistry and Compatibility. They don’t take the time to make sure th