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4 Ways to Reignite Joy When Life Feels Disappointing

“Sian . . . I had to cancel my travel plans.” That is probably one of the most frequent complaints I’ve heard from both friends and even myself in light of the COVID-19 situation. While a cancelled holiday is a first-world problem that I’m not proud to be fussing over, especially when many others are struggling to stay afloat, I had been looking forward to a nice holiday after months of working hard, and that disappointment in seeing my plans fall apart is real.

Loving Can Hurt Sometimes

We all know the unexplainable joy and completeness that comes from loving someone and being loved in return. But love can sometimes also cause us deep pain. Although we normally associate these feelings with romantic love, it is just as applicable in our friendships.

Why I Left Community . . . And Came Back

I used to attend church regularly as a teenager. I loved how you could feel the presence of God when the congregation stood united in singing praises to the Lord. However, I didn’t completely understand the importance of community then.
Girl walking in the park - life hacks for singles

5 Life Hacks for Singles

Once I crossed the 20-year-old mark some years ago, I started to feel the pressure to get into a relationship. The recent SKII #ChangeDestiny Campaign could not have better depicted the struggles that single women face daily, especially after hitting the 25 year old mark when most women are getting married and having children.