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Woman standing alone on the beach reminiscing

Remembering Easter And The Day I Lost My Dad

“You must have wished this was just a cruel April Fool’s joke,” my father’s friend finally said to me, still in disbelief at the sight of the white coffin lying serenely in front of him

3 Faulty Thoughts Believers Have about Same-Sex Attraction

“I completely disagree with what the pastor said about homosexuality,” Jenny* blurted out as we warmed our seats while awaiting the arrival of our pre-lunch dessert.

5 Ways to Deal With A Difficult Boss

If you’ve clicked on this article because you have an impossible-to-please boss, my heart goes out to you. Truly. I know from personal experience the grief and emotional stress he or she can cause is no laughing matter, and may well plague you beyond your office hours and even waking moments.