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Why Do We Confess Our Sins to God, But Not to One Another?

Christian friendship is arguably the most important kind of human-to-human relationship needed in the life of every Christian, yet seldom talked about—unlike marriage.

Why Short-term Mission Trips May Not Always Be A Good Idea

Have you been on a short-term mission trip before? If you haven’t, picture these three scenarios
Married couple holding hands with their wedding rings

Why Marriage isn’t the only way to experience True Love

When I was in my teenage years, one of the signs of our coming of age was being able to buy liquor, and drink in bars or pubs. But as time went by and the guys completed their time in National Service and the girls entered their final year of university, drinking lost its novelty.

If God is good, why is there so much evil and suffering?

This must be one of the most perplexing questions Christians face. The problem of evil and suffering is a thorny issue that has caused some to fall away from their faith, prevented others from coming to God, or discouraged some from growing deeper in their walk with Him.

Am I A Neighbor?

Written By Adriel Yeo, Singapore In the month of June last…