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My sin will always find me, but the mercy of christ will restore me

When I Got Tired of Hiding My Sins

The truth will find you out.” When I was a small child, these words struck fear in my heart, because when my mother quoted them to me, it meant that even though she lacked sufficient proof to discipline me for my disobedience, she knew that I had sinned and was leaving my conscience to God.

5 Things to Do When You’re Spiritually Dry

Everyone struggles with their faith at times, and it can be hard to talk about it. During challenging times in my life, I have often felt that if I spoke all my questions aloud, talked through how I really felt
Martin Luther quote painting

5 Reasons Why the Reformation Matters Today

In a conversation about our favorite historical figures, I asked a coworker if he knew who Martin Luther was. He responded with, “Oh! Is that the guy who nailed stuff to the door?” “Yes, that’s him!” I said with a laugh.
Girl in a lake fully clothed

What if I Can’t Accept My Suffering?

For years, I had struggled with health issues. Plagued by auto-immune problems, anxiety, and OCD, I had to accept physical limitations and challenges with schoolwork, but I could not make peace with the mental disruption and chaos in my life.

Why I Kept Failing to Truly Forgive

Forgiveness always felt like a mind game. When people hurt me, I would tell them that I forgave them. But the truth was I was rarely able to move on from painful experiences.

Should I Stay If My Church Doesn’t Satisfy Me?

I belong to a small church which used to meet all of my preferences. But now, five years and many unforeseeable changes later, our numbers are dwindling.