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Giving Up the Last of My Savings

I was attending church one Sunday, and it was time for our offerings to be collected. Usually, I don’t have much money—sometimes, none. But this week, I felt different.

How I Managed Doubt In My Life

When I was in primary school, I used to stammer. This speech impediment hampered my conversations with friends, teachers, and parents, leaving me with feelings of inadequacy.

Poem: What is Life All About?

Dreaming, unfettered and free, I recalled my daily existence. From days past to life's sunset, Memories mingled with regrets, Is this all that I can expect?

When Others Called me Fat

When I was studying in China, there were many occasions when sales assistants would just ignore me whenever I walked into shops or boutiques around my university.

Why I’m Dying to The Beauty Ideal

Growing up, I was no beauty queen. I had a mouthful of braces to realign my Bugs Bunny-esque teeth, and I wore wire rimmed glasses to correct my short sightedness. To complement my already awkward features, I had short—and often frizzy—hair. Best of all, weekend activities spent under the hot, tropical sun had given me an ugly tan.

Should We Love Ourselves?

“You really beat yourself up too much. I bet you’re the only one who felt you did a lousy job,” I said to my friend. She had just told me about her stressful experience acting with a stellar cast of veteran actors in her most recent show—which included an embarrassing case of stage fright on opening night.

5 Ways to Live for Yourself

What’s all this about “denying yourself” and “living for others”? Look, I know we can’t decide when we were born and when we will die, but come on, I have every right to decide how I should live. This life belongs to me.

How I Discovered My Spiritual Gift

“Do you have a spiritual goal in your life?” the guest speaker asked us during a youth ministry meeting one Saturday evening. He then explained that if we were born just to grow up, study, get married, have children, become old, and finally die, this meant that we would be living only to meet death.

Are We Working for the Lord?

After graduating from college, I pursued my career ambitions and became an accredited consultant at a young age. I worked for 11 years as a full-time employee, then entered private practice as a consultant, before eventually enrolling in a Bible school to pursue God’s calling.