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ASK YMI: How Can I Be Happy in Heaven If My Loved Ones Aren’t There?

How can we be happy knowing that our loved ones are suffering? We struggle with guilt and ask ourselves: Have I not been earnest enough in sharing the gospel with them? Is it because I haven’t been praying for them consistently? Could I have been a better testimony at home?

ASK YMI: Should Christians Rethink the Way We Engage the LGBTQI Community?

A few years ago, I received a phone call from a reporter who was writing a piece for the Atlantic magazine. He wanted to interview me about the Christian view of gay marriage. The reporter was well informed about Christian theology, and probably expected a certain kind of response from me.  Christians often come across as judgmental on such issues, so I wanted to be clear about the most important truth right upfront. What I said surprised him.

ASK YMI: Why Bother Saving the Earth if There’ll Be A New Heaven and Earth One Day?

First of all, we must recognize that though this creation has been irretrievably ruined by sin, it is nonetheless part of His common grace to all humanity—a good gift from God to us. So to be wilfully ignorant of this planet’s plight, or to continue to wreck it for the sake of greed then, is to foolishly vandalize the means which God has given to sustain life, which makes us a poor steward of the temporal resources that have been entrusted to us.

ASK YMI: How Do We Live in the Tension Between Rules and Grace?

What’s the difference between comfort and casual? Imagine you had the chance to meet one of your heroes—maybe your favorite actor, or an author you’ve read, or a musician you love. And instead of being an aloof celebrity-type who’s hard to talk to, this hero of yours is actually friendly, warm, and approachable. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable.

ASK YMI: If God Is Real, Why Do Christians Commit Suicide?

It’s a bold and a fair question, but somewhat misinformed in its assumptions. It seems to assume that being a Christian somehow exempts a person from their own brokenness and the world’s brokenness. It doesn’t.