Pleasing God

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Confessions of a People-Pleaser

Even though I’ve always been familiar with the term “people-pleaser”, I’ve never thought of myself as one. Perhaps it was because I had never truly reflected on my actions and motivations, but I saw people-pleasers as ones whose lives completely revolved around other people—something that I did not think applied to myself.

A Pastor's Letter to the Church: It's Not All About You

Dear Church, I’m writing to you to express, what is for me, one of the greatest challenges of ministry: I want to please you. All throughout the Gospel, Jesus tells us to love our neighbors, our enemies, and each other. You can’t be a true minister of the Gospel without loving people. And when you love people, there is a strange internal desire to please them, to make them happy.
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Why I Said No to Clubbing

Growing up in a Christian family, I was the typical good girl. I was obedient and submissive. When I was younger, I made all my choices and decisions based on the nodding (or shaking) of my parents’ heads. So, as you would imagine, even my fashion choices were wholly based on my mother’s style.

Why Am I Striving to Please Others?

I have always been a people pleaser. I know that I can please someone by doing exactly what they tell me to do. Growing up in church, I did just that. I was cautious whenever I spoke to guy friends face-to-face or in text messages, because my leaders discouraged me from doing so.

ODJ: pleasing God

I was thinking about some friends who are facing trials. Jake is about to lose his job because he won’t compromise his convictions. Sheryl has been unemployed and soon her government assistance will run out. Sam had surgery to fuse together two vertebrae in his spine, but now he’s feeling numbness on his right side. I wondered what I could say to them that wouldn’t sound like pi