A Path Carved By God

Title: A Path Carved By God Artwork by: Patsy Shaw (@shawmuchart) Description: We…

From Potential to Purpose

Title: From Potential to Purpose Artwork by: Abigail Jeyaraj…

Finding Comfort On The Trail of Life

Title: Finding Comfort On The Trail of Life Artwork by: McKenna…

A Season for Everything

Title: A Season for Everything Materials: Illustration and digital…

I Want a Comfortable Life—Anything Wrong?

What is a comfortable life? Is it having just enough to live, a little bit more than enough, or much more than you need? Over the years, the definition of a comfortable life has changed.

ODJ: genuine life

During a conversation with friends, several in the circle took turns recounting their early experiences with certain words in the Christian vocabulary. One person said, “Whenever I heard the word life mentioned by a Christian or in the Bible, I always thought it was only talking about heaven. I never thought it had much to do with me right now.” Most everyone nodded i

Why are there giants in our lives?

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Life is not just Dungeons and Dragons

There is a game I play called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). It is one of the oldest role-playing games, and according to Wikipedia, “the best-known and


Dear Friends, Lately, I’ve been wondering: what’s my main goal in life? I’m still looking for a new job and it’s hard to find one. But what’s next after getting that dream job?