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ODJ: the opposite spirit

A few years ago I worked as a supply teacher in Birmingham, England. I initially embraced the help of the teaching assistant, but when she started taking over in class I was tempted to give in to resentment and insecurity. Instead, I decided to act in a way opposite to what I felt by vocalising my genuine appreciation of her, praying for her and challenging her in love. When it came time for me t

ODJ: heavy lifting

An elderly man saw me struggling to carry a heavy box from my car to the post office. Rather than let his age, a pronounced limp or hot weather deter him, he rushed to my assistance.

I thanked the man, and then I thanked God for sending some kind assistance my way. Benevolence cheers hearts. This was proclaimed by the apostle Paul in his letter to co-labourer Philemon. “Your love h

ODB: Acts Of Kindness

I was traveling with some men when we spotted a family stranded alongside the road. My friends immediately pulled over to help. They got the car running, talked with the father and mother of the family, and gave them some money for gasoline. When the mother thanked them over and over, they replied, “We’re glad to help out, and we do it in Jesus’ name.” As we drove away, I thought how natur

ODJ: gift of your smile

The late film director Krzysztof Kieslowski was once interviewing actors for a film. During an interview, a young actress described to him how she’d go out and walk the streets of Paris when she felt sad.

As Kieslowski probed further he learned that 6 years earlier the actress had been close to a breakdown. One day she went out onto the street where she caught sight of the famous Fr

ODJ: Christmas kindness

My son spent his first decade of life in a warm East African climate. For his 10th birthday I used frequent flier miles and took him to the western part of America to experience snow.

Friends graciously opened their home to us while they were away for the Christmas holidays. When my son and I arrived we had just a garage door opener code to get in, but a fluke power outage prevente