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God Isn’t Done With Your Story Yet

Growing up, I lived in great fear of my abusive father. I was neglected, beaten, and abused. His treatment convinced me that I was unwanted—a burden hardly worth being tolerated.

3 Questions to Ask When Confronted with Fear

It was the darkest day of my life. I was approached by a respected church member who threatened me, “Listen, Jap. This is our church and we were here before you got here. We will be here when you’re gone, so go back to your country. You don’t belong here.”
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What Does It Mean To Be An Ordinary Radical Christian?

I heard the gospel at 16. Before that, I was an angry, depressed youth filled with hatred. I hated myself, hated my parents, hated my life, hated school, hated authorities, hated adults, and hated Christians. Above all I hated God with all my heart, since I thought He had abandoned me my whole life.

How God Comforted Me in the Midst of Pain

Nobody told me how hard it was going to be. Nobody told me about the emotional roller-coaster ride I would go on after hearing the words of the emergency room doctor, “Your daughter needs immediate attention at a larger hospital.”

The Day God Convicted Me of My Pride

A few summers ago, I woke up one morning greatly burdened. I opened my Bible and read it as I normally did each day. Though God’s Word often brings me peace, that day my mind was spinning.

Can We Have Jesus but Not the Church?

“I love Jesus, but not the church.” This is what someone recently told me, and it left me puzzled.
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3 Lessons I Learned When My Marriage Almost Broke Down

My wife and I fought a lot in the early stages of our married life. We argued over mere trivialities and our usual way of ending disagreements couldn't be more different.

Can We Love Without Being Vulnerable?

As a pastor of a local church in Missouri, USA, I remember the advice I first received when I entered full-time ministry. A pastor from another church approached me
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When Crisis Strikes at Christmas

I will never forget Christmas Day, 2014. It was the day my wife had a panic attack. We were getting ready to leave for church that day.