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Passport with lots of stamps in it

Is Christianity just a “Get Out Of Hell Free” Card?

Christianity is simple, isn’t it? After all, don’t Bible bits like John 3:16 show that all you need to do to be a Christian is to believe in God now and then you’ll go to heaven (good place) rather than hell (bad place) when you die?

Sharing Your Faith: What Not to Do

Christianity is contagious and yet, in this world of easy communication and hundreds of different beliefs, sharing the gospel with family, friends, dentists, garbage collectors, colleagues, enemies, taxi drivers, teammates or others can often go awry pretty quickly—without us even knowing why.

I Can’t Stop Sinning: What Should I Do?

I’ve just joined a squash club and I’m starting to think it was a mistake. For one, the membership, courts, new shoes, racquet, and balls are expensive. Secondly, every game reduces me to a sweaty mess—surely it must be unhealthy to sweat that much in one 40-minute window.