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Barbecue sandwich

“Would You Like To Upsize?”

“Would you like to upsize? It’s just 50 cents more.” Those…

ODJ: three wishes

If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for? Would you wish for the eradication of global poverty? Would you wish for financial security? Would you wish for good looks, good health and long life? The question itself isn’t as important as how we answer the question; for our answers reveal our character and what’s important to us.

Many millennia ago, King Solomon was pla

ODJ: fast cash

On her way home, Heather Kelly noticed what looked like “a snow globe of cash” on a dual carriageway. An armoured van had failed to secure its rear door, and the money was airborne. Roughly 30 cars lined the dual carriageway as motorists pulled over and tried to grab the banknotes that had escaped from the van. Kelly recalled, “People had fists full of money.”
For some of us the prospect