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A calender showing plan of December

4 Ways to End 2021 Well

Two steps forward, one step back. That pretty much sums up 2021, doesn’t it?  Just when we thought that things were finally looking up, we’re slapped with news about Omicron...

Forget Resolutions, Set Life Goals

With every new year that rolls around, we often make resolutions but fail to keep them, leaving us feeling defeated or discouraged mid way through the year. But what if we forget about making resolutions, and instead set life-goals to help us live each day intentionally, through a life-long journey of knowing Christ?

Treasure that Lasts

A man who owned a car dealership became better “known for the cars he kept than the ones he sold.”

True Success

What’s your definition of success? If we define success as achievement, how do we measure it? Perhaps by comparison?

What’s Your Goal?

Some poll results from a few years back reveal the big goals on the minds of Generation Y.

X Prize

The X Prize Foundation attempts to solve the world’s problems by offering large cash prizes to whatever team can fix them first.

God Has Plans Too

Sometimes our plans are interrupted by unexpected delays. Nearly a hundred runners experienced that reality when they were trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2016.

Your (Totally Doable) Daily Goals for a Purposeful Year

Title: Your (Totally Doable) Daily Goals for a Purposeful Year Artwork…