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Man sitting with woman who is about to blow her birthday candles.

Does God Care About What I Want?

I was trying to stomach a failure—yet another rejection in my writing career—and as I sat with my husband, I shared how God’s key message to me seemed to be this idea of making “no graven image” (Exodus 20:4). Meaning, I had to be careful to not remake God as “the God of my desires”.

When I Let My Desires Control Me

Eating was a big deal for me when I was young. I was a hyperactive, skinny child, browned by the sun and constantly on the move.

How Do I Stay Close to God in A World Full of Distractions?

Life and all that it entails has become extremely complex today. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as the real-time availability of entertainment on mobile devices
Bride looking into her groom's eyes

I Thought Marriage Could Change Me

“Don’t scratch anymore! Once you stop scratching, you will be as beautiful as other girls!” My mum would tell me repeatedly as I was growing up. I suffer from eczema, a skin condition which would leave my skin red, cracked, itchy, and full of blisters.

ODJ: satisfied in Jesus

The woman lost weight and began to feel attractive again. Soon she grew tired of her husband and their life—a life that included four small children. She felt that she had married too young and never had the chance to explore what was out there. Eventually, she threw away family stability—the love and devotion of her husband and the kids’ well-being—to satisfy her desires.