Our Daily Bread

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ODB: Welcome the Stranger

In Everything Sad Is Untrue, Daniel Nayeri describes his harrowing flight with his mother and sister from persecution through a refugee camp to safety in the United States.

ODB: Walking in Jesus’ Shoes

What would it be like to walk in the shoes of royalty? Angela Kelly, the daughter of a dockworker and nurse, knows. She was also the official dresser for the late Queen Elizabeth for the last two decades of the monarch’s life.

ODB: God’s Open Doors

At my new school near a large city, the guidance counselor took one look at me and placed me in the lowest performing English composition class.

ODB: God’s Wise Purposes

The United Kingdom brims with history. Everywhere you go, you see plaques honoring historic figures or commemorating sites where important events occurred.

ODB: Prompted to Pray

A coworker once told me that her prayer life had improved because of our manager. I was impressed, thinking that our difficult leader had shared some spiritual nuggets with her and influenced how she prays.

ODB: In God’s Loving Hands

After another health setback, I feared the unknown and uncontrollable. One day, while reading a Forbes magazine article, I learned that scientists studied the rising of the “Earth’s rotation velocity” and declared that the Earth “wobbled” and is “spinning faster.”

ODB: Growing Up in Jesus

As a child, I viewed grown-ups as wise and incapable of failure. They always know what to do, I’d think. One day, when I’m grown up, I’ll always know what to do too.

ODB: Loving Like Jesus

He was loved by all—those were the words used to describe Giuseppe Berardelli of Casnigo, Italy. Giuseppe was a beloved man who rode around town on an old motorbike and always led with the greeting: “peace and good.”

ODB: Humility’s Perk

Like many teachers, Carrie devotes countless hours to her career, often grading papers and communicating with students and parents late into the evening.