Artspace: Have You Taken God for Granted?

Title: Have You Taken God for Granted?
Artwork by: YMI
Description: “Don’t take God for granted.”
“Don’t think you can get away with sin just because salvation is yours to keep.”
“Don’t test God’s patience.”

Do you often have such thoughts or do you try to defend yourself by saying,

“Won’t I risk thinking that I need to earn my salvation by trying to be holy?”
“Isn’t God merciful if I repent sincerely?”
“Isn’t salvation mine to keep? If not, then what does grace mean?”

Join us on this adventure as we evaluate ourselves and explore what the Bible has to say!

A man facing a judge in court

A man being accused

A long list

A man walking

A broken chain and key

A man looking into a mirror

A man reading a book

A judge and a man


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