When All Is Well

Last night, I read an encouraging blog that a friend shared on her Facebook wall. It talked about how easy it is to praise God when all is well in life, and how we tend to question God when we are suffering. Then it went on to remind us that God is always there with us—no matter our circumstances. It encourages us to respond in faith, rather than in fear.

I totally agree with the writer of the blog and it also set me thinking: What if suffering isn’t actually a praise killer but a trigger?

I started to reminisce the past 11 years of my walk with the Lord, and how trouble, discomfort, and adversity had brought me closer to Jesus. During periods of great anguish and extreme feelings of loneliness, I spent much time with Him and seeking His heart. I was more devoted in praising Him and glorifying Him. In fact, I thought more about Jesus in those moments of difficulty than at any other points in my life.

Somehow, hardship—instead of blessing—has become a gateway for me to knowing more of God and experiencing Him more in my life.

Blessings are good and I would be a hypocrite to say I do not want them. Yet I think it is harder for many of us to maintain an intimate and a close relationship with Jesus when everything is going on well. It would seem that praising Him and calling upon Him in good times are actually harder than in bad times.

Contemplating on this made me realize how hard it must be for some who are unfamiliar with unbearable burdens, excruciating pain and suffering to feel that they need a Savior—the Lord Jesus.

In life, afflictions are inevitable. And yes, God is with us no matter what happens. He will help us, strengthen us, and uphold us. We can stand on His promises in good times as well as in bad times.

But the real question is, Are we with God?

In Psalm 73:23, Asaph says, “Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right

Can the same be said about your relationship with God? Are you with Him when the tides come in and crush you with its power, as well as when life is good and you are at the top of the mountain? Can you say that you are with God, no matter what happens?

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