Call To Commitment: Wise vs Foolish Man

By Joyce Peh

In Singapore, students have many privileges: concessionary bus passes and special prices for movies, food etc.. As I’ve learnt, you might even get discounts at shops located near your schools. One day I was at the spectacles shop to make a new pair of glasses. I was choosing the frame and found one that I really liked. It was very costly and I was hesitant if I should get it. As I was deliberating, the salesperson asked if I was a student because students could get a discount. I quickly replied, “Yes!” despite the fact that I graduated half a year ago.

I felt very good then that I had saved so much money. But on my way back and throughout the entire night, I couldn’t help but think of what had happened. I felt the Lord’s chastisement and the Holy Spirit’s prompting that I had done something wrong. How could I be a follower of the God of truth and yet spoke lies? I knew I had to do something about it yet I was worried that the salesman would scold me for my dishonesty if he were to find out what I had done. Finally after two sleepless nights, I decided I had to go back to the man and apologise for what I had done.

I was very scared and after pacing up and down in front of the shop for at least one and a half hours, I saw the man standing at the shop. My friends who were with me nudged me to do the right thing and I finally went up to him. I admitted that I lied to him and told him that I would pay the full price for my glasses. I was very relieved he forgave me and more than that, I felt the joy of obeying the Lord and having His forgiveness!

(This article is first published in Power Up With The King,
a Bible-study material printed and produced by Singapore Youth For Christ)

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