man and woman sit in a cafe facing the window

Is Dating Only About the “Good Vibes”?

Title: Is Dating Only About the “Good Vibes”?
Artwork by: YMI X @aspectswithabigail
Description: Dating fatigue is rough–and Christians are not spared from it too.

Not only do we have to assess our own interest, our date’s character and their passions, we have to consider their relationship with God too. Talk about a tall order!

Understandably, we might be too quick to rule someone out or too slow to admit that things aren’t working out, because let’s be real, we want to skip to the good part (being in the relationship).

Even so, we can learn to date well. It’s part of loving our neighbours (Matthew 22:35-40), and looking out for our brothers and sisters-in-christ (1 Peter 3:8).

This isn’t one more list for evaluating potential Christian partners, because choosing to commit to a life-long partner takes more than a few tips and advice.

Rather, may you be encouraged to approach dating with a fresh perspective, knowing that God is sanctifying the both of you in the process (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).


man and woman sit in a cafe facing the window

text with a colour background

man is getting impatient while the woman is not feeling to open up more

both the man and woman in silent awkward mood

The woman refuse the flower from the man

man and woman standing outside of the shop at night

text with colour background


Artist Feature


Abigail loves to illustrate or animate! She believes her talents and skills are meant for His glory. Abigail is a busy bee but always able to find joy in what she does as long as her Maker is part of it.



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