A guy is walking on a rainy day and his reflection

Lost Between Two Worlds

Title: Lost Between Two Worlds
Artwork by: YMI
Description: Whatever were gains to me I now consider loss. . . (Philippians 3:7-8)

If believing in Jesus hasn’t made your life better, at least in the way you think it should’ve, could it be. . . that you haven’t fully understood what you’ve gained?

God is waiting to receive you fully into His kingdom. But if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, then it’s hard to see the glorious blessings that await.

God’s kingdom doesn’t offer dual citizenship, because what He offers is absolutely incomparablefar, far superiorto whatever we have now. The freedom and rights of this world are so short-lived and flawed, so prone to fall short and fail us. 

But the right God offers us to become His children and co-heirs with Jesus, and to one day rule with Him in the heavenly realms, in the Kingdom that will never endis one that can never be taken away from us.



A guy is walking on a rainy day and his reflection

The guy is baptise in church

The guy is stuck on the train

The guy is looking out from his window and dark shadow around the window

The guy is feeling disappointed

The guy is reading a book and the light shine out

The guy is looking down on his reflection and light shine from above

He put down his umbrella and look up to the light with smile


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