Call To Commitment: Obedience vs Disobedience

Ask most Christian youth out over the weekends and you’ll likely get rejected. “Sorry I’m not free. I have youth fellowship on Saturday, church on Sunday and cell group after church. Oh yes, I also meet my youth mentor for Bible study on Wednesday nights.” By society’s standards, any youth involved with that amount of activities would be deemed as “religious”, even “godly”. Many times, it’s the visible things we do that cause others to form impressions about us. “Since he/she spends so much time at church, he/she must be a very dedicated Christian.”

There is nothing wrong with being involved in Christian activities, but what about the other times when we are not?

I knew of a boy who was a ministry head in the Youth Fellowship at his church. In school, he led a prayer group every week with other students. Behind the seemingly perfect picture of his Christian service, he was known for flirting with different girls he met at school. This dichotomy between his personal life and religious life was a real problem, one that many of us are likely to struggle with as well.

As a song aptly describes, “Man sees the outside, but God sees the heart”, Jesus is not concerned about the things that we do to show our piousness but whether we are truly following His will in our daily lives. His use of words like “I never knew you; depart from me” should warn us of the seriousness He attaches to breaking God’s commandments in the Bible. We can deceive man with our outward actions but we cannot deceive God.

(This article is first published in Power Up With The King,
a Bible-study material printed and produced by Singapore Youth For Christ)

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  1. Kimmysherms
    Kimmysherms says:

    Yes, I totally agree to whatever u had said. Even though,I know that GOD sees what’s inside of me.I still always disobey him,making him trying to search for me in soooo many ways till I have finally turn back to him.((;

  2. kemimakanon
    kemimakanon says:

    what hurts is that non believers see this double-sided life and judges all Christians as the same…
    makes it hard for those who really follow Christ to share the good news to others

  3. Enyo
    Enyo says:

    Also for young christians and new converts, they see these things and think they are acceptable. It causes serious conflicts in their hearts and one begins to wonder if there’s really a difference between the christian youth and non christians

  4. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Nice good Christian hymns:Trust & Obey
    When we walk with the Lord in the light of his words
    ….trust and obey,there is no other way,
    to be happy in Jesus,but to trust and obey

  5. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    When we walk with the lord in the light of his words,
    what a glory he s….. on our way,while we do his good
    will, he ablide with us still,for all who will trust and obey,
    trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in
    Jesus.but to trust and obey………
    May our Lord forgive and pardon me if the lyrics are wrong,pray in the name of Jesus,give thank,praise,glory,amen

  6. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    Thank God,receive a call for vacancy saturday and sunday,work on last Saturday only need to attend sunday service,praise God.Account less than $200,need to find work this week to cover expenses,employer offer saturday and sunday.She also offer full-time work.There is another offer on night shift friday saturday and sunday,hopefully can be selected because can attend service on sunday or saturday evening,all glory,grace,power,to Lord God almighty,pray in the name of Jesus,may God forgive us the sinner,if there are sins in our life,may God grant us power of the Holy Spirit to overcome sins,honor to Lord of lords,King of kings,God of gods,may his arm cover and protect us,hide us under his arm,may his love and light surround follow us,be with us, within us and inside us till we meet our Lord Jesus,amen

  7. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    thank God,help to make a corect decision,work on this Sunday ,atttend following Wednesday monthly prayer meetting,pray in the name of Lord Jesus,give glory and glory,power & power,grace & grace to the creator of the universe,amen


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