Awkward Things We (Subconsciously) Say or Do When We Share Christ

Title: Awkward Things We (Subconsciously) Say or Do When We Share Christ
Artwork by: YMI X @ofsoulandmelody
Description: As Christians, we know that we’ve been called to share the gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). But let’s face it, sharing about Jesus isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. No matter how many times we’ve done it, it can be challenging to do it in a way that feels natural or doesn’t come across as insensitive to our friends. 

You’d think that if Jesus forms the most central part of our lives, sharing about Him wouldn’t be awkward at all. But somehow it still is. Perhaps we’ve felt like we didn’t have the “right” answers to our friends’ questions, or in a bid to ensure everything goes perfectly, we’ve shared something that feels overly rehearsed, which may have taken our conversation on an awkward spin. Add to that the sense that we should be doing more to share the gospel with our friends… and it’s no wonder that we often feel nervous and fearful at the thought of sharing the gospel.

It’s normal to feel afraid to “fail” or be rejected when we share the gospel. But whatever your experience may have been (or how you imagine it might play out), let’s not allow our fears to deter us from continuing to witness for Jesus. 

Instead, let’s lean on the Holy Spirit and trust Him to do His work even through our weakest words and our ghastliest failures.


Awkward Things We (Subconsciously) Say or Do When We Share Christ

Drilling the Gospel down to a rehearsed script


Getting into an emotional debate about God

Slide in wooly christian jargons that leave a friend puzzled

Organise a meet-up with a friend with the only agenda to share the Gospel

Pester a friend when they are still unsure or have said "no"

5 things to remember when sharing Jesus to someone

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