Start Celebrating These Body Flaws Today!

Title: Start Celebrating These Body Flaws Today!
Artwork by: YMI X @aspectswithabigail
Description: The pressure to look good can have a negative impact on how we view ourselves. So, we try to fix every physical flaw to achieve body perfection. We watch our weight, fill our shelves with grooming products, and exercise religiously. 

In the midst of it all, we forget how beautiful and awesome our bodies already are. Our lungs fill us with oxygen as we pump the treadmill, our digestive systems break down all our delicious food, and our skin cells regenerate themselves every night. 

Instead of magnifying our physical flaws, may we be reminded of just how “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) each of us are. And remember, we’re all made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). How wonderful is this knowledge! 

This International Day of Beauty, let’s celebrate every physical flaw that makes us, us.

 Share with us what you love best about your body!


Image of body parts

Image of stretch marks

Our white, stretched skin may not be the prettiest, but they’re just a way of showing us how accommodating our bodies are to our different growth spurts and stages. Whether we’ve put on some kilos or grown a new life, our body tailors itself to suit us best.  



Image of a lady and man with freckles

See them as little adornments on our face, sprinkled across our cheeks where the sun has hit the most. They’re determined by our genetics and skin type, so if we have them, own them! In fact, the skin pigment behind the freckles (melanin) is what helps protect the cells of the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, from UV light.



Image of a view through a glasses

Image of a forest view and a lady walking

Having 20/20 vision is ideal, but alas, our eyesight is less than ideal (partly excessive screen time, partly genes). Our vision may be blurry, but it doesn’t mean that our eyes have lost the ability to process 10 million different colours and remain the fastest muscle in our body! Now that’s eye-stopping.



Image of a lady with a big afro hair and a bald man

We (especially the ladies) are taught that our hair is our crowning glory. But what happens when our crowning glory isn’t soft and shiny as we’d like, or we have very little of it to crow about? We can still hold our heads up high, and wear our frizzy maneor lack thereofwith pride. After all, it’s about how we carry ourselves that matters. 



Image of beauty moles

Ah, depending on where these moles are located on our faces, we sometimes wish they were hidden away or surgically removed. But these beauty marks are our unique features, they give us personality and mark our distinctiveness.



Image of different body shapes

The world may tell us our bodies need to look a certain way to be successful in both love and in life. But, we’re already loved deeply by God, who carefully shaped us in our mother’s wombs (Psalm 139:13). With great love and care, He set about making us in different shapes and sizes, and He looked over all He had made and said “very good” (Genesis 1:31). 

And that’s you and I.



Image of a mirror that says you are wonderful


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