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“If only we had this or that.”

How many times does that thought cross our minds every day?

In life, we have many expectations. But they don’t always match up with reality, so we end up wishing and praying for things we don’t have.

Perhaps we’re obsessed with finding “the one” to spend the rest of our lives with. Or perhaps we’re unhappy with our family and secretly wish we were born into a different one. Or maybe we always dreamed of doing or achieving something but things just didn’t go according to plan.

What do you daydream about every day? Is there something eating at you daily? Have you ever stopped to ask, why?

This month, let’s talk about our expectations, wishes and dreams. It’s time to get real, people.

How I Found Freedom from the Illusion of “the Right One”

Somewhere out there is my Mr. Right. When I find him, I will be whole and happy. I bought this lie. And I don’t think I’m the only one. As the rising numbers of broken families and failed marriages attest, many of us have bought into the fantasy of “the right one” as portrayed in numerous books and movies.


The Day I Realized Not Every Dream Would Come True

Have you ever had wishes, desires, and dreams? Have you ever written down the things you really want to achieve by a certain point in your life? Have you ever found out that some dreams will never come true, and some wishes are simply impossible to reach? I have.


What My Ideal Family Looks Like

Many of us have our own image of what our ideal family should look like. Maybe it’s a traditional one, where the husband brings home the bacon while his wife looks after their young children. Or maybe it’s a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids). Or maybe it’s one with lots and lots of children, so you can shower them all with your love. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world.

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