Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Church

Church. Some say it’s the body of Christ. Others say it’s our second family.

For many of us, it has always been a key component of our lives.

It’s where we learn some of the most impactful life lessons. But for some of us, it’s also where we’re driven to great despair or discouragement.

What experiences have you had in church? In addition to the myriad of articles on church this month, we want to cast the spotlight on three pieces that deserve a second look.

We trust they’d benefit you.

  1. Why It’s Difficult To Date These Days

“Hey, how ‘bout coffee one of these days?” Guys, admit it, this is a tough question to ask a girl in your church—especially if yours is a particularly small community. Girls, admit it too, you probably wouldn’t say yes that readily. These aren’t uncommon scenes in the church and there could be multiple reasons why.


  1. Are You “Unsuccessful” In Church?

You’re active in church. You’re there every Sunday morning, arriving early to arrange the chairs and set up the worship team’s equipment, or to help pick up disabled members from their homes and wheel them to their usual spots in the worship hall.

But nobody knows this. “It’s okay,” you tell yourself. “God knows. I don’t need to be known; it’s okay being low-profile.” Except . . . it’s not. Not really. Because everyone needs a pat on the back now and then.


  1. 3 Statements During Outreach That Stumped Me

Two years ago, my church opened a class for non-believers to explore the beliefs of the Christian faith. In these classes, no question was off-limits. I would like to share three statements that stumped me because they revealed a deeper need.

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