What My Ideal Family Looks Like

I had always wished that I was an Eurasian, so I would have nice big, deep-set eyes and light brown hair. Ideally, I would be the youngest of three, with two elder brothers, and I would be studying in an international school in an Asian country where my dad works as a diplomat. My English name would have a graceful ring to it, like “Ella Rosewood”. I would take my summer vacations overseas, returning to Asia only when the school term began. We would live in a nice house, with lush, green lawns, an outdoor Olympic-sized pool, and a host of helpers, from drivers to gardeners.

In reality, I am about as Asian as you can get. I have black hair, and my eyes are not as big as I would wish them to be. My Chinese surname translates to “King” in English, but it would be a great disrespect to my ancestors if I had my name changed to Michele King. I have a younger sister, and we get on like a house on fire. And I spent a fair bit of my childhood in Malaysia before my family moved overseas. (And for the record, I do my own chores.)

Many of us have our own image of what our ideal family should look like. Maybe it’s a traditional one, where the husband brings home the bacon while his wife looks after their young children. Or maybe it’s a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids). Or maybe it’s one with lots and lots of children, so you can shower them all with your love.

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world. Instead of having ideal families, we find ourselves battling the effects of broken relationships, revelations of adulterous spouses, squabbles between siblings over an inheritance, or the devastating blow of an inability to conceive.

We yearn to have the ideal family and to be loved and accepted. It’s perfectly normal, because we were made for relationships. God formed us for a relationship with Him, and this is shown in the way we seek the perfect partner, a best friend, or an interest group to belong to. We want to be accepted, warts and all.

How comforting it is, then, to know that God has called us His children, and He is waiting to accept us into His fold. When we accept God’s invitation to be part of His family, we receive a new spirit: “For you did not receive the spirit of slavery leading again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry, ‘Abba, Father’”(Romans 8:15).

Imagine how wonderful it is to be able to call the Creator of the universe, “Father”. And do you know what you mean to Him? You’re the Apple of His eye (Psalm 17:8).

When we enter into a relationship with God, we rest knowing that our Father loves us more than our earthly parents do, and He will always be with us in our time of deepest need.

God is calling out to you today, regardless of your race, religion, and socioeconomic background. He wants you to be part of His family. He loves you with an everlasting love, and there is nothing He wants more than to live life with you.


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