Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Entertainment

It doesn’t matter where we are, what we do and what we like.

We always find activities that bring us delight.

For the more media savvy ones, we never miss a beat when it comes to the latest games, movies, music trends, reality shows, celebrity gossip etc. But if online is not our thing, perhaps pleasure comes in the form of something more adrenaline-pumping like the latest adventure sport or sweat-inducing workout.

Ever wondered why these activities thrill our senses and warm our hearts? More importantly, is it a sin to indulge in them? This month, we take a deeper look at entertainment and what to make of it.

1. Are We Sinning more on Social Media?

“What in the world is wrong with this lady?” I ask aloud, feeling rage and disgust surge through me. Still reeling in shock from the atrocity I had just seen, I continue to scroll down my newsfeed. A few more posts later, I click on another video with the caption “Haha . . .” Within seconds, I realize in horror that the video is no laughing matter.

2. Why I’ve Always Loved Superheroes

Perhaps I loved Batman also because I was constantly bullied when I was in elementary school. Every time I was pushed around, I wished I had Batman’s indomitable will, intellect and physical prowess to fight back instead of running to a corner and covering my head in fear. I even tried asking my mom to enroll me in a self-defense class, but she didn’t.

3. Beacon Light: Where Gospel Meets Hip Hop

Forget the usual happy Christian praise songs you normally hear in church. Beacon Light is making waves with his unique brand of Christian hip hop, mixing real-world anguish with biblical truths as he raps on God’s love.

“When I became a Christian, I didn’t realize I was still allowed to rap,” he tells YMI in an email interview. “I thought it might be wrong. But God showed me the impact hip hop has on culture, the impact it has on me.”

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