Poem: Salvation


Written By Michelle Lai

Close your eyes and see
The hour you first believed
Jesus knocked on your heart
You answered and that’s a start
Salvation is a free gift for all
If only you answer His call
It is a precious gift
So don’t give it a miss
The moment might be now
You were lost but now found
Wherever you might be
Jesus has set you free
I want to worship now

There is nothing sweeter than this

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Poem: Song of Praise


Written By Debra Ayis, Nigeria

Oh Lord my God,
Who will comfort me?
If not You,
Who shall I turn to?
If not You,
If You do not come to my aid,
What shall become of me?

For it is in You only I trust,
It is only You I rely on.
Therefore, if You leave me,
Who shall I lean on?
To whom shall I turn to?
For evil is before me,
And weak as I am,
I cannot overcome it.

Come to my rescue,
Oh Lord, and prove
Your word to me.
Let the world know and believe
That You love me
And You will never leave me alone.

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POEM: This Grace (Disgraced)


Written By Jacelyn Chia, Singapore
Edited By Reuben Teo

When sermons start to sound like soothing lullabies,
When my mind starts to slip away under distraction’s cries,
When the world outside drowns out your loving chastise
My heart from the true God flies.

When the exams, the friends, the paper chase
Blind me from the running of Your race,
Now I’m growing, changing, turning into
Something I was never, ever, meant to come to.

But fearing for what I might find, I try to run and hide.
Still, nothing holds Your grace from me
Nothing stops Your love
I want to run, yet I know you’d give chase
So I kneel before You in disgrace.

But though I broke Your heart a million times,
Though I scorned Your love in the bitter nights,
You lifted me, You raised me high,
Then You embraced me, oh so tight.

I came before Your throne disgraced,
But you told me to keep on running the race.
So now, in Your name I pray,
Help me never to forget Your grace.

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POEM: There Is No Other Cure


Written by Dominique Gonzaga, Philippines

I used to give several pieces of my heart
To people I loved, like they were little parts.
But every single part came back like a dart
And left me with nothing but a broken heart.

Then I found You—rather, You found me
Held me by the hand, and I felt free
Sin had no more power in my life, only light,
Held sway, and Your perfect delight.

Those little parts, the pieces now made whole,
You stitched them up, You took full control.
Now bounded by Your love, I’m made so pure.
Besides you, Jesus, there is no other cure.

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