Easter: More than A Series of Events

Title: Easter: More than A Series of Events
Artwork by: YMI X Malcolm Qwah
Description: After the fall, God had an incredible plan to restore us back to life—through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Throughout the Old Testament, we see countless prophecies and events foreshadowing Jesus’ path to the cross, and the manner in which He would die and be resurrected—making the way for all believers to receive redemption and eternal life in Him. 

The way Christ fulfilled these scriptures shows not only what an amazing, promise-keeping God we serve but also that our God is a God who authors history in advance—His redemption plan started from the beginning of time, and continues even today. Surely, this gives us confidence to put our hope in Him as we await His second coming.

This Easter, let us take the time to reflect on and respond to this powerful truth of our God as a promise-keeping and all-knowing God, and appreciate the bigger picture of His redemption story.


Jesus would be rejected by His own people.

Prophesied in Isaiah 53:3
Fulfilled in John 1:10-11

Many did reject him, but to those who welcomed Him into their hearts in trust and belief, He made us members of His family—children of God.



Jesus would be silent before his accusers.

Prophesied in Isaiah 53:7
Fulfilled in Matthew 27:12-14

Jesus never defended Himself, but willingly chose to go to the Cross. To the world, it was foolishness, but to the believer, it was a demonstration of the power and love of God.



Jesus’ hands and feet would be pierced.

Prophesied in Isaiah 53:5
Fulfilled in Luke 24:39

Jesus’ pierced hands and feet marked His identity in His death. When He resurrected, His piercings were revealed in the flesh. Jesus is not a ghost, but a living Savior!



Jesus would be lifted up.

Foreshadowed in Numbers 21:9
Fulfilled in Galatians 3:13

Just as God used the bronze serpent to restore the Israelites back to life, Jesus was hung on the cross so that all who looked upon Him and believed in Him will not perish but have eternal life.



Jesus would commit His Spirit into God’s hands.

Foreshadowed in Psalm 31:5
Fulfilled in Luke 23:46

Jesus fully trusted His Father unto death. As He breathed His last, the curtain between God and man was torn in two. Mankind has received life through the death and resurrection of Jesus.



Jesus would not stay buried, but would rise from the dead.

Prophesied in Isaiah 53:11
Fulfilled in Acts 2:24

Jesus conquered death and emerged victorious. Death had no hold on Him, neither will it have any hold on those who believe in Him.



Christ would be seated at the right hand of God.

Foreshadowed in Psalm 110:1
Fulfilled in Acts 2:32-36

Christ was willing to humble Himself and suffer for our sake, so God exalted Him to the place of the highest authority.

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