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God is unfair

Written By Jordy Marteja

God is unfair.
He is biased.
Partiality is in Him.

We have compelling evidences to proof this is true.

First, consider Case 01: Jeremy.

Jeremy wakes up in the morning with bizarre perplexity and hits the hay in pondering thought. Confusion is his constant companion. He wonders, Why am I here?

Jeremy lives perfunctorily. Days are written the same; exactly as it was yesterday. Nothing new; nothing at all. What on earth is he really here for?

No doubt. God is unfair. He created a soul with no purpose. How dare He?! He just created him to be made fun of.

Next, consider Case 02: Matt.

Matt lives a devoted life. He gave up everything—glory, fame, power and wealth. He has none of it anymore.

What has he now? No house to call his own and bare pockets. A poor life. A scanty living, deprived of pleasure and luxury. His service steals his indulgence.

Meanwhile, those who live for themselves are living in bliss. They eat, drink and are merry. Perhaps they are truly the fortunate people who get life in the complete package.

The evidence is crystal clear. Isn’t God unfair?

Well, we have one final witness. Listen to him speak as we invite you into the courtroom.

John shouted, “God is unfair . . . and a MURDERER!”

The trial court was filled with tension. Everybody was murmuring, exchanging thoughts. The case resumes though, undeniably, the whole place rumbled.

Meanwhile, with a sharp look and angry words, John continued, “He betrayed his son!”

“He killed his son unfairly!

“He abandoned him!”

“He was hated and rejected! His life was filled with sorrow and terrible suffering. No one wanted to look at him. He was despised and rejected. He suffered great pain! He was wounded and crushed! He was abused!”

“Your son suffered all that because you are unfair!” He pointed at God.

“You set the rules and the world deserves to die because they disobeyed! But no . . . You sent Your Son, instead!”

God was quiet while listening to John.

John continued speaking, but at this point, with a soft and gentle voice. He spoke in a whisper, “You are unfair, God. You could have just forsaken us. We should be punished as the law prescribed and as fairness dictates but no, you didn’t mete out on us the punishment we deserve and that counts as bias on you.”

“Father . . . you are unfair . . . you are . . .” He said in agony.

At last, the Lord stood to defend Himself, “That’s love . . . My love for you . . .”

John couldn’t grasp what He meant. He asked, “Love?!”

The Lord replied, “Sacrificial love . . . that I gave my only Son that everyone who believes in Him can be forgiven and given new life.”

“I can’t understand it! What are we to you?” John asked.

“I love you,” the Lord whispered.

The session was over.

The judgment is immediately served: God is unfair . . . to HIMSELF!

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  1. Megan/L0ud_Gr4c3
    Megan/L0ud_Gr4c3 says:

    “He [Jeremy] wonders” not “wanders” in the 4th paragraph.
    Feel free to delete this comment after correction. 😉

  2. Yana
    Yana says:

    God is unfair to HIMSELF. And unfair to me too. cause I don’t know there are many problems in my life that I can’t solve it.


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