The Thorns of Life

Title: The Thorns of Life
Materials: Digital painting
Artwork by: Jessica Wang
Description: Have you ever felt far away from God’s love? Sometimes as humans, we can easily feel locked up in all thorns and difficulties of this life that we forget about God, who is our Friend. We forget His unique love for us.


When we are going through trials in our lives, we may feel stuck, lost and alone. However, He is with us; in fact, He is closer than ever. Although we may not see Him physically, His presence is always with our lonely souls as we struggle in this world. Every day, He waits patiently for us to see Him and turn to Him.


Life can be likened to a rose. It is beautiful to look at but has thorns that can prick us. Such thorns are like the struggles and difficulties that God allows us to go through. But thorns have their unique purpose—to prevent the rose from being harmed. In the same way, God uses our difficult circumstances to protect us by strengthening our faith and helping us grow.

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