Collage of man bombarded by discouraging messages

We’re Cheering For You, Men!

Title: We’re Cheering For You, Men!

Artwork by: YMI
Description: In a race, the expectations and weight placed upon a runner to perform is huge. But have you also noticed how a simple cheer can boost morale and help the runner re-focus his efforts to strive for the goal?

In a similar way, a simple encouragement can make a huge difference to the men around us. We expect much from the men in our lives but we may find it awkward to affirm them for their efforts.

Maybe it’s because we are convinced that their contributions are to be expected, or we shrink back because our affirmations are not warmly received, or we aren’t sure what’s the best way to encourage them.

So, we’re going to try and do that for the men in our lives today on International Men’s Day.

God has called them to fulfil certain potentials in their lives, in their relationships, and in where He has placed them in. Our part is to help them along so that they’re able to bless all of us in a way that God has uniquely set them apart to do.


We have got to talk about Men these days over a print of Son of Man by Renee Magritte

Collage of man bombarded by discouraging messages

Man walking on top of escalator with encouraging messages overlay saying "I believe you can do it. Give it a go. Even if it doesn’t turn out as expected, all is good.”

Men thrive when they are called to action.

Photo of man walking carrying a heavy bag, with encouragement message overlay saying "That’s really tough, huh? Let me give you a hand."

Men gravitate towards strength and caring for others.

Photo of man looking sad on an armchair, with encouragement message overlay saying "If it’s okay with you, let me pray for you now.”

Men flourish when they are safeguarded by community.

"We're cheering you men!" with collage of two men having a toast with coffee mugs

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  1. Joel
    Joel says:

    More and more due to exposure due to the Internet and shows. Seems like the standards that man must meet is like a mountain.
    The problem is the standards have both Christian and worldy standards mixed in.

    Must be high paid, good job, but love the Lord, Church Active, and spend time with family. Goal oriented but caring and compassionate and take a back sit to women.

    It is crazy that Men must be everything good. And discouraging. No one is perfect only seems like 1% or 10% of the top men can even get close to this standards.

    The rest of us might as well not exist. It feels like it.


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