4 women take photo with their glasses and cups

Let’s Talk About: Women Supporting Women

Title: Let’s Talk About: Women Supporting Women
Artwork by: YMI X @lisasaputra
Description: It’s a tough gig being a woman in the 21st century. 

We’re expected to be a “super-mum/daughter/aunty/domestic goddess”, while constantly having to prove that we’re just as capable (if not more capable) than our male counterparts in our schools and workplaces. 

All these can lead us to either diminish our self-worth or tear others down just to make ourselves feel better. 

But God hasn’t made us to compare and compete with one another. He’s made us all different and special in our own ways (just look at how our fingerprints differ!). 

And when we pitch our strengths together, honour one another (1 Corinthians 12:21-26), and see each woman we meet as made in the image of God, we’ll see that no matter what He may have called us to–whether it’s motherhood, holding a regular 9am-to-5pm, or finishing our undergraduate studies–they’re all equally tough, important, and valuable in His eyes. 

So ladies, this International Women’s Day, let’s make a pact that we’ll always be there to support each other. 


4 women take photo with their glasses and cups

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Woman go for a graduation ceremony to support her friend.

A text message about friend is sharing a YMI post to encourage each other

a woman is hugging another woman

the two woman are giving compliment on her friend's new hair colour

Two woman are praying together

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Artist Feature

Lisa Saputra

Lisa Saputra has loved doodling since she was a child, and she’s now living her dream as an illustrator for children’s books. Her desire is to use any opportunity that she has to glorify God through her creativity. Lisa lives in Indonesia with her husband and a house full of plants.



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