Broad Strokes, Big Reminders

Title: Broad Strokes, Big Reminders
Materials: Hand-Written type and Photography
Description: These posters were designed for one thing: To turn our attention to the One who holds everything in His hands. From navigating relationships to finding assurance in tough times, He is the one in whom we can find hope, strength and peace for all things. This collection is to help believers renew their minds of the truth of who God is. The more we discover about Him, the more love, joy and peace fills our lives! Amazing, wonderful things can happen when we turn our gaze on Jesus.


Acknowledging He is our creator || My life is in the hands of the maker of heaven



Loving Him because of who He is || Delight yourself in the Lord



We can be assured of this hope we have || You give me a hope and a future



Even in the toughest of times, we wait || Take courage my heart stay steadfast my soul



Stay focused and find contentment in Him || “Look for Christ and you will find Him and with Him everything else.” C.S Lewis



Keep the passion || May we never lose our wonder

Artist Feature | Jenessa Wait


I’m a 22-year-old Canadian who is now living in California. I grew up as a PK (pastor’s kid), and church life was always pretty normal. It wasn’t until I was 17 years old that I fully surrendered my life to Jesus. Through a series of events, I realized I was living a double life, not fully believing the truth of the gospel. I hit rock bottom, and God, in His grace and mercy, picked me up and gave me hope and purpose again.

I do hand-lettering because I believe I have a voice that is meant to speak the truth of who God and who people are, and to point people to Jesus! I love anything to do with beauty. Creating is a passion of mine, and I’m a believer in doing things you’re passionate about!

The key message I always want to convey through my art is that Jesus is the answer to all things. He is the one that gives us love, hope, peace – whatever it is that we need, He has it for us. I want people to be encouraged and to know that God is for them and with them through every situation of life! I’ve learned time and time again that we won’t have it all figured out right away, and that it’s a really good thing to not be perfect. Only then can we learn patience and to trust Him in all things.

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