A bear wanted to cycle but he see two unfriendly rabbits

Fear Is Real, So Is God

Title: Fear Is Real, So Is God 
Artwork by: YMI x @yelloizmello
Description: What does it mean for us to have fearless faith as Christians?

We live in a world filled with different voices telling us what to believe—even as Christians, many of us often feel torn between what the world says and what the Bible says. 

But if we truly believe that the Word of God should define our lives and reality, then we can allow God’s Word to give us the courage to cut through the lies of this world. It doesn’t mean that our fears will be completely eliminated, but when we place our faith in God, we know that He’s in full control of our circumstances, and we can rest our fears in His hands.

Take a look at these illustrations and let God’s Word remind us of what we have and who we are as Christians—so we can face our challenges and fears from God’s perspective.

A bear wanted to cycle but he see two unfriendly rabbits

A dark shadow is behind the bear

The parents is behind the bear with birthday cake

the bear's eyes is being cover by a blue clothes

The bear saw his friends when the eyes is not covered

A giant octopus is about to catch the bear

The bear is catching the octopus

The bear is about to go in a haunted house alone

His friends is open the door and welcome him

The rabbit is friendly and wanted to welcome the bear


Artist Feature

Regina Carissa is an English teacher and freelance illustrator from Indonesia. She has always found joy in reading comic books and watching animations and films from a very young age. It has encouraged her to create illustrations even amidst her busy schedule.

Regina’s desire is to create art that can make people feel joyful. She hopes that one day she is able to reach out to many people through her art.


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