Editor’s Picks: Best of Why Do I Feel?

As we started the new year, we embraced Luke 10:27 as our anchoring verse, and spent the first three months digging into what it looks like to love God with all of our hearts—asking the question, “Why do I feel?” and exploring how we can love God and others through hard times, dull times, transitions and painful seasons we struggle to understand. 

We were blown away by the generous contributions from our global volunteer contributors, and wanted to share with you a few of our best articles—ones that have already encouraged thousands, that we hope can encourage you too!

Best Articles

My Child, A Gift from God, Stillborn Without A Skull

Inside, I was struggling. I wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but there was no peace. In my heart was a battle between my will and God’s will.

I did not want to have to live through the first trimester of nausea and vomiting, and a tough delivery, knowing that I was not going to bring a child home.

What I Got Wrong About Grace

People around me kept talking about this condemnation-free, striving-free, anxiety-free way of becoming a person who would please God (and ergo, enjoy all the perks)—and it sounded fantastic.

But no one was able to explain how to get there.

When My Joys Don’t Line Up With God’s

Many of us live a double life in this sense; we set aside time for “Christian things,” and then feel as if we have earned some right to indulge in “everything else”.

Having enjoyed ourselves with gusto, we then feel a guilty need to tip the scales once more in favor of “Christian things,” if only to earn ourselves some more indulgence time, and so on. I find myself sometimes slipping into this mindset too.

Trusting God In A Time of Transition

Three years ago, I began my college career at a small Christian college called Calvin College. I had a lot of anxieties in the beginning, but by the second semester, I was well-adjusted and praising God for a good first year of school and for the friends He had provided me with.

In February, however, I received some bad news from my parents.

Where Our Love Story Went Wrong

This is the part of the love story where we smile at each other shyly, clasp our hands together, and wrap our arms around each other in love—blissful, romantic, head-in-the-clouds love.

But this is also the part of our love story where it all goes wrong. Because the real Love Story is not meant to be this way, and the one we’re living out now is not meant to last.

Best artspace projects

Journey of Sexual Purity

God can use our struggles to help others. As I’ve dealt with my temptations, I’ve noted what helped . . . and what didn’t.

I hope that you or someone you love can learn or benefit from these illustrated concepts.

From God’s Heart To Yours

At some point in our lives, we’ve probably written a love letter to a loved one before.

There’s something deeply personal and meaningful about receiving a love letter—especially when it comes from our Creator Himself.

I Have Anxiety But I’m Not Alone

We all worry, it’s a normal part of life. But sometimes this worry can overtake our entire being and result in anxiety. We feel out of control, paralyzed by the unknown, constantly triggered by the “What if’s?”. 

In the midst of our panic attacks, how can we try our best to draw our focus to God’s promises for our anxious hearts?

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