The Longing is Real

Written by Ross Boone, USATitle: The Longing is Real
Artwork by: Ross Boone (@rossboone)
Description: Sometimes, we long for more than our world can give – longings that only God can satisfy. We can only catch glimpses of Him while on earth. But we will experience His love, beauty and greatness in full measure, when we are finally with Him in Heaven.



The Longing Is Real

Even though God has promised to be with us, we still feel a longing because God’s kingdom is not yet fully revealed.



I’m Trying To Believe

When the cares of the world seem to drown us, there are times where we are barely holding on to our faith.


I am Closer Than You Think

We strive so hard to grow closer to God. Even then, we feel no closer than we already are. But perhaps God has been close to us all the while.


There Is A Good Type of Fear…

Sometimes, catching a glimpse of God’s great glory is sufficient for us to break through our earthly fears.  


Love and Reverence

Even though we share a personal and intimate relationship with God, we tend to forget how powerful and awesome He truly is–and fail to give Him the reverence He deserves.

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