The Berth of Life

Title: The Berth of Life
Artwork by: Marcus Huang (@marc_o_____)
Description: This painting was created for a beautifully carved wooden frame in a family home. The theme was decided on by the client and its interpretation left to the artist.

Working on Noah’s Ark in a vertical format is largely unconventional, presenting several compositional challenges at first, but by God’s grace and inspiration it gradually worked out into a landscape that expresses His loving justice.

The massive cast of characters in the story each played their role in God’s plans to restore the Earth physically and spiritually. As if looking through the eyes of God, man and beast are momentarily captured basking in jubilation, each signifying their inherent meaning in the grand scheme of things.

The Ark is a hint to the coming Christ who will deliver us once and for all. Soaked in glorious sunshine, it perches serenely as a focal backdrop to the joyous flow of creatures. The second chance at life unfolds, where God’s terrible justice turns movingly to mercy with humans again placed at the helm to build a new world.












The period featured spanned from 12 May 2016 to 31 December 2017. This video is a compilation of that transformation and expresses the dominant thoughts that shaped the work towards its final outcome. I present you all The Berth of Life, paired to the song “I’ll Think About You” by We Are Messengers.

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