Are you tired of kissing all the wrong frogs and putting yourself out there? Struggling with unresolved family conflict? Or, just looking to walk with a friend who’s hurting?

We all can’t live without love–and yet, loving hurts! How can we keep on loving when it’s tough? Let’s explore these ideas together.

Best Articles on Love and Relationships

a bunch of guys and girls are hanging out

Can Guys And Girls Really Just Be Friends?

In this modern day and age of mixed signals between members of the opposite sex, how can we cultivate healthy intergender friendship?

A hand holding some family photos

5 Ways I Learned to Love My Dysfunctional Family

My family has always been what some might describe as ‘textbook Christian’: We go to church every Sunday, and attend fellowships and retreats. We read the Bible, join Bible study groups, and hold Bible study sessions at home. We believe that a family that prays together stays together.

And yet, it has always been painful for me to see how much conflict and tension we have in our home.

happy and sad memory in a woman's head

What I Have Learned About Friendships From Church

My friends once lamented to me how hard it was to form new friendships once we hit a certain age. Having spent a large part of my life moving towns and countries, I know too well the pain of having to start all over again and make new friends.

Illustration of a man standing alone against the wall

Dealing With the Aftermath of a Bad Breakup

On the surface, we might’ve looked like a happily-in-love couple, but beneath this façade were fears, misunderstandings, anger, and doubts built up due to silent treatments and unresolved arguments.

Image of woman smiling

4 Reasons God’s Love is the Best Foundation for Your Life

We’re all drawn to building our lives on the foundations of money, success, and recognition.

I will confess that I, too, was like that—wanting to be recognised for doing amazing things and to have wealth that would place me somewhere near the top of the social strata.

A guy sitting and thinking

How do I Know That God Really Loves Me?

How we perceive love does not just apply to our relationships with other people, it also affects our relationship with God. One of the profound tenets of faith is that God is a God of love.

Best Artspace Projects on Love and Relationships

Take a leisurely scroll through our artspace projects filled with beautiful illustrations steeped in God’s truth.

Abstract painting of 5 couples from the bible

What 5 Bible Couples Teach Us About Romance

The Bible can offer us wisdom on many different topics and in many different ways. Looking at couples in the Bible can be a great way to learn about a biblical approach to relationships.

3 Beautiful Truths About Imperfect Relationships

We know there is no perfect relationship out there, but sometimes we can’t help but wish: If only this person would change this particular thing, then the relationship would be so much better!

Faith in My Father’s Love

Remember when you were only very little, and your dad was so very tall and strong, and in your eyes, he was a superhero? Now that we’ve grown older and become more independent, how often do we turn to our dads for help?

Image of a couple at the park

Single, Dating or Married?

Looking to dip in on some relationship tips? Perhaps it’s about navigating dating life, singlehood, or your newly married status. Or perhaps you’d like to recapture the heady days of your marriage—well, good news, we may have the thing for you!

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