5 Choices every Student entering University must make

Title: 5 Choices every Student entering University must make
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Description: University could very well be the best time of your life. It’s where you learn independence, gain new experiences and build long-lasting friendships that journey with you beyond graduation.

Whether you are currently in university or heading that direction in the near future, we thought to highlight some of the key choices you would have to make during this phase of your life. These choices could determine whether you come out of university: spiritually stronger, spiritually weaker or perhaps even, no longer a follower of Christ.

Regardless of our choices, let’s remember that ultimately, God can change our situation. Let’s put our faith in Him, seek His help and take the right precautions.

Be-reckless-or-be-responsible   You are free, alone and unmonitored. It’s the first time you’ve tasted unbridled freedom. Will you set boundaries and responsibilities for yourself?


You meet people from all sorts of faith backgrounds with differing views. You want to accept people for who they are and appreciate diversity. Will you stand for your faith when it’s challenged?




You’ve got a tight schedule to follow and unending amount of work to complete. You strive to excel, get organize and be systematic.Where does God factor in?




Work aside, university life can be a lot of fun. It’s where we come of age and try out new things. What will you choose and why?




Like any new environment, you’d have to make friends from scratch. You may be all alone, because you’re in a new city or town, or simply because you didn’t attend orientation week. Will you seek a church/fellowship group you can be a part of?

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