Are You In Sync With Technology?

Title: Are You In Sync With Technology?
Materials: Pencil Illustration and digital edit
Description: We can’t deny the positive impact of technology. Like it or not, it has permeated all aspects of life. Now here’s the golden question: How are you using technology?

This project is done in collaboration with illustrator Wan Xiang.

(1) Are-you-in-sync-with-technology

Ever gone on a date without your phone? The conversation might turn out a lot different.

Has technology replaced precious F2F interaction?


When’s the last time you skyped or facetimed a friend or loved one? Isn’t it fascinating how close they seem even though you’re 10,000 miles apart?

Has technology helped you keep up with each other’s lives?


Don’t feel like stepping out of the house? Call a delivery service and tadah – food at your doorstep!

Has technology made things more convenient or made us lazy?


What’s the first thing you do when you get home from school / work? Slouch in the couch? Before you know it, an hour has disappeared . . .

Has technology taken over our lives?

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