Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker

Title: Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker
Materials: Digital Illustration
Description: Is life really just a complex problem? Are quick fixes our best bet?

I’ve discovered how unhelpful my “fix-it” mentality can be for my relationship with God. How often I’ve mistaken the thanks I mumble to God before meals, or my desperate ramblings before falling asleep, for a healthy, sustained prayer life and an attitude of humble dependence on Him. How often I’ve substituted the hasty reading of a random comforting verse of Scripture for an in-depth study of a Bible passage, thinking that I’ve read God’s Word all the same. How often I’ve read His Word but failed to put any of it into practice. How often I’ve come away after a church service, feeling that I’ve earned the right to do things my way because my one or two hours of “worship” are done. When I fall prey to these and other “Christian life hacks”, I ironically end up neglecting my relationship with God and failing to enjoy His presence in my life.

How about you? Are you guilty of having such a “fix-it” mentality?

Extracted from article “Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker”.  Read the full article here.





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