Church: Why Bother?

By Christy Carole

The Church is the body of Christ.

Whenever I am in the body of Christ, I feel loved, accepted, understood, embraced, and safe. I can rest in the truth of who I am in Christ. I can be myself.

The outside world is the exact opposite. The world often judges us by our appearance. It sees only the surface of who we are. One should dress nicely, do this and that to be dubbed “in” and accepted. But the church, it accepts you as you are whether you come in tattered rags or iron-pressed tuxedo, with dirty fingernails or neatly cut one. The Church will welcome you, filth and all, and embrace you with joy and peace unspeakable. The Church, the body of Christ, gives shelter to the wounded, broken, lame, lost, sinful people, and brings refreshing waves of revival to their souls.

The Church will be known, not by their worship style or the activities they offer. The Church’s identity is based on love. This is how the whole world will know that the Church is the body of Christ—by our love.

The Church is made up of different people whom God has touched and healed. Oh, what a refreshing, comforting experience it is to belong to this body. There is true joy and rest here. The Church is the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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