At The Cross

Title: At The Cross
Materials: Paper
Description: My inspiration behind this diagonal cross is from Rembrandt’s painting “Elevation of the Cross”.

This scene depicts men stretching their body to lift up the unbearable weight of the cross, with the chief priest, teachers of the law and elders standing at the right sneering. On the left, the disciples are grieving.

May this new unique perspective renew our appreciation of what Christ did for us. (Matthew 27:32) (John 19:17)






Artist Feature | Sven Lim


I am an application engineer by day and artist at night. I believe that each of us are given gifts to do things to benefit others.

As a child, I wanted to create three dimensional figures.When I had some spare time, I tried using wood, but it was difficult to carve. I switched to soap carving, but I found that it broke easily.

Then one day as I browsed the internet, I came across a picture of octopus made from book pages; the book itself served as the ocean with its pages swirling like waves of water.

From then on I realized that I could craft and carve old books into three dimensional figures. I started doing book art in 2011.

Through my art, I hope to encourage others to use whatever gifts they have to serve others (1 Peter 4:10).

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