ODJ: devoured

March 9, 2013 

READ: Psalm 55:1-23 

Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall (v.22).

I’m sure you’ve heard your share of extreme weight loss plans. But ingesting a parasite? A newspaper has reported that some people in Hong Kong have resorted to using parasitic worms to peel off the pounds. The worms allow people to keep eating what they want and still shed weight. But the giant intestinal roundworms, which can grow up to 15 inches in length, lay up to 200,000 eggs a day. They can also cause abdominal pain, flulike symptoms and even death. Yep, this is one dangerous way to try and win the battle of the bulge!

The idea of literally being devoured from within reminds me of what David experienced when he wrote that he was being “overwhelmed by . . . troubles” (Psalm 55:2). The source of his pain was someone from his inner circle—a close friend (vv.12-13). As David faced the bitterness of his betrayal, he experienced physical effects: a pounding heart, trembling and shaking (vv.4-5). His mind was racing as he dealt with feeling “overwhelmed” and consumed by “terror” (vv.2,4). David was being gobbled up from the inside out.

I’m sure you can relate to his sinking feelings and physical symptoms. When we’re facing hardships in life, often we try to simply keep it all inside and present a calm facade to the world. But God has a different plan for our burdens: calling and casting. He inspired David to write, “I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me” (v.16). As we pray to God, David tells us to “cast [our] cares on the Lord and He will sustain [us]” (v.22 NIV).

What burden is weighing heavily on you today? What’s devouring you from the inside out? Follow David’s inspired words: call out to God and cast your burdens on Him. He won’t allow you to “slip and fall” (v.22). —Tom Felten

Judges 7:1-25 ‹

Read Luke 22:39-46 and note Jesus’ inner agony and its physical effects. Notice how He was comforted amid His calling and casting. 
How have your burdens been affecting you? 
Why is it so important to call and cast them instead of internalising them? 
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    Praise God,saw a man in work place,he is the 72nd generation of china justice Pao

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