man looking sad being scrutinized by other men

When Men Need Help

Title: When Men Need Help
Artwork by: YMI x @fishstopfly
Description: Asking for help can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re a man, and have grown up being told things like, boys don’t cry, or that you have to take all your problems and troubles on the chin “like a man”, or that it isn’t “manly” to talk about one’s feelings. 

Globally, more men die by suicide than women across different countries–and often, many men don’t speak up about their struggles because of the stigmas they face. 

It takes a lot of guts to seek and ask for help, and that’s why we’re shining the spotlight on men this Suicide Prevention Day. 

We hope this project helps you see things from the perspectives of our “bros”. Let’s create a safe space for those who are struggling with their mental health to seek help–it’s one of the bravest things anyone can do for themselves and their loved ones. 


man looking frustrated being scrutinized by people

4 men carrying large boulders with only 1 woman looking sad

Man being attacked from both sides by basketball and football

Man being excluded from a group of male friends

Man exiting a door looking sad

man standing outside the door looking downcast

Man looking at cross

Church shining under dark starry sky

Starry sky with closing text


Artist Feature

Ting Fui is a freelance animator and illustrator from Sabah, Malaysia. Inspired by the movies from Studio Ghibli since her childhood, she likes to use watercolour as her main art medium. In her free time, she enjoys live sketching while observing people and her surroundings, as this gives her a sense of tranquillity and fun.


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  1. Caol
    Caol says:

    Thanks Ting and YMI, especially for the section on how to encourage men. It’s hard for me to affirm others but I will try.


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