Woman choosing between Bible and hobbies.

What If I Find My Hobbies More Fun Than the “Christian Things”?

Title: What If I Find My Hobbies More Fun Than the “Christian Things”?
Artwork by: YMI
Description: When spending time with God feels like a chore (like having to finish your homework before you can play/watch TV)could it be because we’ve separated God’s joys from ours, and we think that He only wants us to do the serious, “Christian” stuff all the time?

When our spiritual walk starts to feel like a drag, let’s not be discouraged, but be moved instead to reframe the way we see our faith and our everyday life. Because God is not only God of our church services, Bible reading, prayer time, He’s also Lord of our leisure, work, relationships, and even our “me time”!


Woman choosing between Bible and hobbies.

"Is that wrong" on hobbies.

"Christian things" vs "Everything else"

Woman playing phone.

Woman reading Bible.

Woman crouching in the corner with guilt.

Door letting in light with cross shadow.

Large hand with hovering Bible, guitar and cat.



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  1. Kimi
    Kimi says:

    Thank you so much for this. I was wondering this for a while and really let guilt motivate me. This is so relatable and I love the artwork. This website has many good advice. Thanks again


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