The Heart Of The Gospel

Title: The Heart Of The Gospel
Materials: Digital Illustration
Description: From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, we trace Jesus’ footsteps on the path that leads him to the cross. It’s a familiar story but an all-important one, one that speaks of God’s immense love for His people and the extent to which He would go to save us from our sins. Let’s shrug off any familiarity and approach the most important moment of history with refreshed eyes. Let’s focus our eyes on the heart of the gospel: Jesus, God’s gift to us.


On the Sunday before Easter, Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem with palm branches and coats strewn across the road. As the people celebrate Jesus as Savior and King, it’s a timely reminder to us to do the same: open our hearts and bow before Jesus, our Savior and King.



On the night He was betrayed, Jesus broke bread, poured out wine and washed His disciples feet, which signified His body broken, His blood poured out and His sacrificial love for us. Today, we partake in communion, proclaiming His death and remembering his costly sacrifice for us on the cross. Do our hearts swell with thanksgiving and praise to the one who gave His life so that we can live?



As soon as Jesus breathed His last and gave up His spirit on the cross, the temple curtain was torn in two, from top to bottom. His death fulfilled the price we needed to pay for our sins, and gave us open and unfettered access to God. It’s only through Jesus, that a way has been made for us to reach the Father, to be reunited with Him. Every time we confess our sins, praise God and make our requests, let’s remember that.



The crown of thorns. The nails that nailed Jesus to the cross. The sign above His head. And the cross. What do each of these mean to you?


Jesus was willing to endure the pain, shame and mockery for us. He wore the crown of thorns he did not deserve. For all that He has done, will you persevere in the face of persecution for Him and stand unashamed for the Gospel?



It was our sin that nailed him there. Yet, by the holes in his hands and feet, we are made whole. What might you want to nail to the cross so that you can be restored to live the abundant life God promised those who obey Him?



“King of the Jews” : It was a sign made to mock Him, but ironically, was the precise truth. Today, Jesus is not only king of the Jews, but also the gentiles, which includes all of us. Have you given Him the rightful place in your heart as King?



Once used as a punishment for criminals, it’s now the symbol of redemption and grace. Because of Christ, the meaning of the cross has changed forever. Knowing that it was in God’s plan since the fall of man to redeem us by the sacrifice of His precious and beloved son, how else can you respond but in worship and adoration?



His defeat of death proves who he claims to be – God Himself. His resurrection proves the immense power of God. His victorious resurrection proves He accomplished what He had promised. And He has promised to return again. This glorious promise of hope is worth basing our life upon. Let’s serve Him in love and obedience as we wait expectantly for His return.


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  1. Sherry Williams
    Sherry Williams says:

    Thank you for Sharing this. I believe that it would make a great Bible study both personally and in a small group.


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